Downgrading Android Devices

Upgrading your android phone is a very common thing, which we often hear. However, there is a way to go back to the previous version of your android phone, and it is known as a downgrade. This is a process that is not very commonly done and therefore, not many people are aware of it.

Well, it is not a very easy task and comes with a risk of you losing all your data, so you need to back up your data before you start this process. The process can also make you lose your warranty and should not be carried out if don’t know how to modify the firmware of your device.

Flashing out is the final step, manual flashing can easily be done by using fast boot and ADB. The fash boot method is the proper way to downgrade your device. You need to download the fastboot tool from Google and then run it on your android.

Once you have the program, you need to run it and open the file explorer. Next, you have to save it to a location on the SDK installed on your device. You need to make sure that all the images you want to flash are in the same location as well.

You can easily create a ZIP file and click the Open PowerShell window here button which is accessed by holding the shift key on the keyboard and then clicking right once again inside the window. However, the process is different in ADB in which you must type .\ ADB

If flashing out from both the above-mentioned methods doesn’t work, some tools have been created by the third party and can be accessed. One of the tools is the Odin, which works quite well with several androids but the success of these tools cannot be fully guaranteed.

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