Checking the applications which are draining your Android`s battery

Many users of android devices have issues with the battery draining of their devices. They complain that their device`s battery runs out very quickly. Well, this is mostly done due to some applications which drain out the battery. The applications which are draining out the battery of any android device can be checked by:

1. Going to the settings application of your device.
2. Clicking on the device section.
3. Selecting the battery option.
4. Next, you need to click on the battery saver option, this can also be done directly from the quick menu.
5. To check how much battery has been used and the applications which have used it you need to tap on the battery usage button on the menu of step 3.
6. You will be able to see a graph showing how much battery has been used with a list of applications installed on your phone and the amount of battery which they are using.
7. You can now go to those applications and limit their usage.

The battery usage statistics can also be gathered in much more detail form any of the third-party applications which have been designed for this purpose solely. One such application is Accubattery which can easily be downloaded and run on android devices to keep a track of the battery usage being done.

You can easily save the battery of your device by limiting the usage of the background applications and all the applications which tend to use more of your battery as the data from the above methods can show.

Roberta A. Long

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