Getting the Nougat feature on your old Android phones using N-lfy:

There are several features that android users can get on their old android phones or devices by using N-lfy. Some of the features are:

Toggles option in the notification bar: quick toggles can easily be placed in the notification bar and the users will not need to scroll down and access the full quick settings shade to avail the option.

Better notifications: N-ify provides better and improved notification shade which is more streamlined.

Tweaks: the recent tweaks can easily be accessed by double-tapping the recent button to a switch to the previous application quickly.

Small tweaks: several other interesting features can be added by the help of the N-Ify such as the customization N features which are not there in the N beta version.

The developer plans to add a few more interesting features in the future, which are:

Night mode, display of emergency contact information on the lock screen and Android`s N new doze mode, which starts when the user moves around.

However, there are still a set of features that are not possible by N-ify, these include the DPI selector, the multi-window multitasking and the data saver.

Installing and setting up N-ify:

To get N-ify the users need to have a rooted phone which has Xposed installed in it along with unknown sources. The device`s security menu also needs to be enabled and once all this is down all you need to do is run the N-ify on the device.

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