A clean text editor which is perfect for Android devices:

A simple text editor is all you need to for your android devices. As the android devices or phones have small screens therefore, a complex text editor cannot be used easily. Android with a minimalist user interface is what is required to complete the task. There are many tools or applications available in the market which are made to serve the purpose of editing the text on various devices. However, none of those devices are as good as the one which has recently been launched. The name of the editor is the writer which works perfect with the android devices and if the users require an even better version the paid version of the same program which is known as the writer plus can also be used.

The writer plus utilize the line feeds for the line endings which are created by Linus and UNIX systems and at the same time it supports the carriage return and line feed for the overall line endings which are generated in the Notepad for the windows.

It can be stated that the writer plus is indeed a remarkable text editor as it has been designed in a way that it facilitates the android device users and has a very clean and easy to understand layout. The editing features are also very easy to use and have various clipboard entries. It can be said that the writer plus is one of the tools which every android user should have so that they can easily read and also edit the text files on their devices.

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