News on the go with Bundle

Need news on the go? Bundle is the perfect free app for reliable updates about politics, sports, and more.

It has a selection of 10,000+ news sources, magazines and blogs. With the Bundle app on your device, you can activate push notifications of breaking and regular news from any of these sources. 

You don’t even have to worry about missing the notifications. The app even lets you sign into your social media accounts. You can then sync and save news with your accounts and access them on other devices.

More than one million Android and Apple users already get their news bundles with Bundle’s special features. 

Offline mode

The app has a special feature that saves articles from your feed as they appear. You can then read the article without Wifi or mobile data usage. If you want, you can even bookmark several articles and read them later if you don’t get the chance to finish them in one sitting.

Reader mode

The app makes reading easy with a user-friendly reader mode. You can customize the web-page display around the article. 

Multiple categories

The app has something for everybody. It has around 20 searchable news categories. These include politics, finance, science, entertainment, and sports. 

The search function is optimized to search through sources and articles. It mines data from several magazines, blogs, columns and news sites.

If you want to search for a trending Time Magazine cover or a story on Hong Kong protests, you’ll get it here.

Local and global news

The app sources news from 18 different countries and provides global as well as local news. Users in the US, UK, Germany and Turkey have the option to curate local news from their nation’s media outlets.

Viewing modes

The app also has many display modes for the article and news lists. You can choose between three standard options: the list view, the grid view and the card view.

You can customize the display setting however you like. You can even deactivate thumbnails to save your data.

Photography curates

The app has photo stories and essays for those who love visual story-telling. Photography enthusiasts will get regular updates about press photos, fashion photos and more.

Daily Bundle

The app’s Daily Bundle provides the editor’s picks for the most important or compelling stories of the day. This can be a good option if you are short on time and just need to read about the most important stories of the day.

With just a smartphone, you can get updated about everything.

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