Latest Features in Android 10

Some very interesting and appealing new features have been added to Android 10. Some of the best ones are as follows:

The System Level Dark Mode:
Android 10 has the system-level dark mode which the android users have been waiting for long. It can easily be activated by going to the device Settings than clicking on Display and selecting the Dark theme. It can also be done by selecting or clicking on the quick settings title which is available in the Android device`s notification shade.

Smart Reply:
Android 10 also has a smart reply feature. This feature enables the users to quickly respond to people in all the messaging applications by having already made smart replies for them.

Enhanced Permission Control:
Android 10 has enhanced permission control for all the applications installed. It can easily be managed and controlled by going to the device Settings tapping on the Privacy option and then clicking the Permission manager.

Google Play controlling the security updates:
The security updates in android 10 can easily be accessed by Google play. The users can easily enhance the security level of their devices by simply going to Google Play.

Improved Navigation:
Android has enhanced and improved navigation. It is a two or maximum three-button navigation system which makes it very easy for the users to get the required navigation updates. It is called the gesture navigation. It is the best feature that has been added to android 10.

These are all the interesting features that have been added to android 10, which makes it more attractive and worth using.

Roberta A. Long

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