The process of getting more meaningful statistics of battery for Android device

Several android users intend to gather more information on their device`s battery usage. This can be done by using applications or processes to gather more meaningful and insight or in-depth statistical information on the battery usage of the device. This can be done by:

1. Checking the Active CPU Frequencies with the help of System Monitor:
The system monitor is very easy to use the application in both free and pro-forms. This application helps in proper monitoring of the android system. the application has other interesting features as well but the best one is that it can keep a close eye on the CPU frequencies which helps in tracking the time the CPU spends on various states. The application helps in getting a clear picture of the usage being done on the android device.

2. Anticipate the Remaining Time and also look for the Trouble Causing or battery draining Apps with the help of AccuBattery:
Accubattery is another application that can be used to extract detailed statistics. The application offers detailed information which is quickly analyzed and presented which can come in handy for the users. It also gives the details of the discharge rate of the battery and how much it has consumed.

3. Use a rooted device to get even battery statistics:
Rooted devices can get even batter battery statistics. The tools such as the GSam battery monitor can easily provide the users with very advanced usage details of the android. By following the above-mentioned tools quite meaningful details can be extracted about the android device.

Roberta A. Long

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