Windows 10`s to Have a Phone Call Feature

Recently Microsoft has announced according to which the company will have calls. The company announced an event held and organized by Samsung in August. According to the spokesperson, the feature is going to be included in all the phones which operate with android 7 or any other latest version.

The calls will be now received and made from Windows 10 PCs. The application or the feature is said to be called the phone app, or call. With the help of this amazing feature, the users will be able to make calls and answer them only by using a PC.

The feature will also enable the users to access their call history as well and avail the of functions such as call transfer or call forwarding. This feature is quite attractive for several users. The feature will also allow the users to decline or reject a call that they don’t intend to attend and also send a text message response that can be customized. The call can also be directed to the voice mail.

To avail of this interesting feature, the users only need to own an Android phone which works on the Android 7 or even a newer version along with a Windows 10 PC that supports the feature of calls. The feature is said to be available for Windows 10 19H1 users only but will be upgraded to other versions as well soon.

Roberta A. Long

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