Reporting suspicious Android applications

It is quite often that the android users switch their devices or upgrade to a newer model or a different company. However, during the switch no user wants to lose the data they had stored in their previous phone, therefore, they look for ways to take their data or shift it easily and efficiently to their new android device. The process is quite simple to understand. It can be done in the following ways:

Google backup:
The method of Google backup is quite effective. The first step is to switch on Google back up, the second step involves the user to transfer their applications to the new android device. This can easily be done by looking up the Google library in the App store. It gives a clear indication of the apps which you have been using by providing a list of all the applications which you have downloaded.

Third-party applications:
If for any reason the Google backup doesn’t work, there are third-party applications that can help out. There are various third-party applications that come from different companies some of these applications are LG Mobile Switch, Helium, Huawei Backup, and Samsung Smart Switch.

Transferring data from an iPhone to an android:
The above-mentioned methods are effective when we talk about data transfer from one android device to another, however, some users also switch from iPhone to android, in such cases the task is done by, selecting the option which says transfer data from an iPhone instead of Google back up.

Roberta A. Long

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