It is now possible to get more applications without any geo-restrictions from another store:

Google Play store is the basic or the default application downloading store for all android devices. However, there are several applications on the Google play store which are not available in all regions or are excluding from the play store. This is due to the policies and certain restrictions from the Google play store.

Due to these limitations, many third-party stores get a chance to make profits in the market. The android users start shifting towards these other application stores to get a wider variety of applications. Another major advantage that these third party application stores have is that they are without any geo or regional restrictions.

One of the most popular third-party application stores these days is Aptoide. This store has around 900,000 applications and 200 million users. The application store works in a similar way to Google’s Play Store as it shows a list of all the applications which are installed on your device, the ones which are recommended by the editors, and an option to search for more applications. It also enables the users to share their favorite applications with the other users of the application store.

To get this application store the users need to enable the settings in the android system which allow the installation of applications from the unknown sources as this cannot be downloaded from the Google Play Store. These third-party stores include applications such as TubeMate which are otherwise only accessible and downloadable from the developers` websites.

Roberta A. Long

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