10 Best Android Launchers to Customize Your Phone

Some Android users go to the extreme by rooting their phones and installing custom ROMs just for a new look. While that can be an option if you have the technical knowledge and don’t mind voiding the device’s warranty, there are plenty of simpler alternatives too.

For instance, if you just can’t take any more of your phone’s default UI or want it to have a more personal touch, Android launchers can be a great option. Your Android phone already features a default launcher, albeit with limited features and customizability. This is where 3rd party Android launchers get into the picture.

Here’s a list of the 10 best Android launchers to customize your phone-

1. Nova Launcher

The Nova Launcher has continued to remain the most popular Android launcher for a long time. The freedom to customize with Nova, be it the app icon size, icon style, page effects, themes, or app drawer is immense. Moreover, the feature-packed launcher is lightweight, fast, and user-friendly.

Top Benefits

  • Customization at its best
  • Lightweight and fast
  • Large community

2. Smart Launcher 5

Smart Launcher 5 has steadily climbed the list of best Android launchers in the last few years. From app icons, app drawers, and widgets to hotkeys and gestures, it offers a plethora of customization options with its unique bottom-of-the-screen interface.  

Top Benefits

  • Straightforward and clean interface
  • Automatic app sorting
  • Smart search

3. Lawnchair 2

Prefer a more minimal UI? You should try Lawnchair 2. The clean interface of this Android launcher has taken inspiration from Pixel Launcher but offers way more customization options. While the features are not as extensive as Nova or Smart Launcher 5, it has all the basics you’ll need for a sleek look.

Top Benefits

  • Great launcher for a minimalistic UI
  • Adjustable icon size, adaptive icons, notification badges, and more
  • Completely free with no premium/paid plan

4. Action Launcher

Action Launcher comes with all the basic features you expect from an Android launcher and some more. For instance, it offers adaptive icons, integration with Google Discover, app shortcuts, quick theme, shutters, and more.

Top Benefits

  • Quick theme customizes elements to match the wallpaper
  • Covers feature can open hidden folders, load apps, etc., with a swipe gesture
  • Customizable search bar and folders

5. Pixel Launcher

The Pixel Launcher from Google can be an excellent choice if you like the minimalist appeal of Pixel devices.  Swipe gestures, quick Google Search access, app suggestions, and favorites are some of the noteworthy features of this lightweight launcher.

Top Benefits

  • Great choices for underpowered Android phones
  • Mimics the minimalist UI of Pixel phones
  • Personalized Google Cards

6. Niagara Launcher

Developed by Maxr1998 and 8bitpit from XDA, the Niagara launcher has also grown in popularity among Android users. Like the Pixel Launcher, Niagara also offers minimalist and sleek UI but with some unique features. For instance, it has a scrollable, vertical app list and alphabet-based navigation menu.

Top Benefits

  • Support for dynamic color
  • Reply to notifications through the launcher
  • Ad-free

7. Hyperion Launcher

If a customized theme is what you need on your Android device, you should check out the Hyperion Launcher. It comes with some impressive features, like folder color, adaptive icon support, scrolling wallpaper, etc., which allow you to customize the theme the way you want.

Top Benefits

  • Great effects and customizability
  • Blue for dock and drawer
  • Adaptive icons

8. Microsoft Launcher

If you want your launcher to make you more productive, there is nothing better than the Microsoft Launcher. It comes with some handy productivity-focused features like Smart Card to access the calendar, sticky notes, tasks, favorite app, screen time, and more.

Top Benefits

  • Helps boost productivity
  • Loads of customization options
  • Vast collection of themes, wallpapers, and more

9. AIO Launcher

If you’re a fan of complicated UIs, AIO Launcher is for you. Unlike most other launchers, it doesn’t use your standard home interface and replaces it with a layout that is filled with information, including notifications, favorite apps, mailbox, dialer, and a lot more.

Top Benefits

  • Unique home screen layout
  • Search button to look for contacts, apps, and browse the internet
  • UI tuner and themes in the premium version

10. Nothing Launcher

You might have heard about the new Nothing phone already. The Nothing Launcher is from the same manufacturer but can be used on all the latest Android phones. The app comes with some basic customization features as it is still in beta version but can be an ideal choice for someone looking for an Android launcher that is not too complicated.

Top Benefits

  • Basic customization but works effectively
  • New features are regularly updated
  • Simple and straightforward Android launcher

Ready to Pick the Best Android Launcher?

These are the 10 best Android launchers for 2023. Try a few of them and you’re sure to find something that perfectly matches your phone customization needs.

Roberta A. Long