Zedge app – the ultimate database for ringtones and wallpapers

Want to customize your mobile according to your interests? Just download the free Zedge app, which contains a large collection of wallpapers, ringtones, and other features that you can download on your phone to make it more interesting.

The Zedge app is compatible with all the major operating system including Android, iOS, and Windows. In this guide, find out why over 350 million users worldwide consider it the #1 personalization app on the internet today.

How does Zedge work?
When you download the Zedge app, you can create a profile that will enable you to use the same credentials on different devices. When you first log in, the app will take you to the wallpaper page, where you can browse different styles of wallpaper and even make searches based on your interests.

Within the wallpaper category, you can see different tabs that include:

  • Featured: This usually includes wallpapers of the most trending topics. For example, it can contain wallpapers of a movie that is releasing that week, a social cause, or an upcoming festival.
  • Popular: This tab will include wallpapers that are the most popular with the user base of Zedge.
  • Recent: This list contains the wallpapers that you have recently downloaded or viewed.
  • Categories: On this tab, you can find categories such as pets, technology, abstract, movies, etc. This will help you modify your search and find your next wallpaper easily

Once you find the wallpaper that you are looking for, click on the small phone-shaped icon to save and set the wallpaper on your device. You can also share, mark as favorite, and give thumbs up or down to the selected wallpaper.

What about other content?
If you are not looking for wallpapers, you can find other categories by clicking on the menu button (on the left hand corner of the screen). This will include ringtones, live wallpapers, notifications, and games. Each of them will have a similar layout as the wallpaper – allowing you to easily choose the selected theme for your mobile.

Get started with Zedge today
Zedge offers a vast collection of high-qulaity images and ringtones. Browse through the app and enjoy customizing your mobile phone!

Roberta A. Long

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