Play it back with BlackPlayer

Black Player is a little piece of heaven for audiophiles. The smartphone music player app is a Swedish-based app that boasts more than 100,000 downloads.

It is steadily becoming a popular app among music lovers who use its fantastic customizable features to listen to all genres of music.

So what’s so great about the app? Let’s see:

The Playlists
Any audiophile would appreciate the playlist options on this app. You can customize your Recently Added and Most Played playlists, adding and shifting them around as you please. Your Most Played playlist even shows up on the sidebar.
BlackPlayer even lets you import playlists from your phone. But just make sure your Daily Commute and Workout playlists are in m3u and m3u8 format.

The Look
The interface of the app is black with a Light Mode option built-in. The display has a cool, tabbed layout with a navigation bar on top.
When you actually navigate the song of your choice, you even have the option to change the album art and customize the appearance.

The Sound effects
The app has many built-in sound options and effects, including a 5-band equalizer. The app comes with 10 types of presets.
You can tinker around with the virtualizers and sound balance for jazz songs, bass boosts for rock songs, and amplify any pop songs you want to hear.

The Custom Settings
The customizable playback and tag editing settings are great options for any music-lover. You can set the gapless playback according to your preferences, creating gaps for calls or connecting Bluetooth devices at your leisure. You can even put in sleep timers and adjust your schedules and playlists.

So, these are the great things about the app. What’s not so great about the app?

Well, for one the app is not entirely free. The free version comes with ads and is around 21-23 MB. This will weigh down your phone a lot.

The paid and lighter version comes without ads and has a fee of 0.99 US dollars and is available only for Android.

Another drawback of the app is that you have to manually insert lyrics into the app’s Lyrics window. As of now, the app does not feature in-built lyrics.

Downloading BlackPlayer
The app is available on Google Play and requires an Android phone of 4.01 above. The app is currently not available for iPhone or desktop users. For the time being, only Android users can blast the BlackPlayer.

Roberta A. Long

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