Have a chicken dinner with PUBG

With each one of us having a smartphone, video games are no longer limited to only computers and gaming consoles. As new addictive mobile games are coming, people find it handier to play them on their phones.

Now, mobile gamers have recently inclined towards yet another super addictive first-person shooter gaming app – PUBG. Nearly 400 million gamers around the globe play Player Unknown’s BattleGrounds (PUBG). In each game, more than one hundred players jump onto an island and then search for weapons to destroy the others without getting shot themselves. The player or team who makes it survive till the end wins the game.

Let’s have a peep into some important information about this pack of entertainment -PUBG.

How does PUBG Mobile App Work:

The Mobile game app offers the same gameplay details as the PC and Xbox game but utilizes on-screen controls. These can be customized for several varying layouts and components to readjust the size of your phone or choices.

You can also switch the controls for driving cars in the game, of which there are many options.

The PUBG gameplay is amazingly excellent and smooth, although there’s an edge for those with bigger screens and more robust phones. There are three graphics options you can apply, and the game will automatically pick one. It’s wise to close down everything else, running in the background, maximize the brightness and volume for the best immersive experience.

Numbers & Stats:

1. The early access version was PUBG was launched in March 2017 for PC gamers.
2. By September 2017, it had hit DOTA2’s record of 1.3 mn simultaneous online players, and by October, it has two mn concurrent players on Steam.
3. PUBG Mobile Version was released in February 2018 and awarded the game of the year 2018.
4. The average price paid per day on PubG: $1.1mn


PubG is the first gaming app that offers you an immersive gaming experience. This means it allows you to play with your friends, talking to them, and make your own maneuverings within the game.

For its most parts, the algorithm makes sure that the gameplay is fair and customized to your expertise. It can bring the same amount of tension and tactical pace that the PUBG PC version has, and it is precisely the sort of cat-and-mouse battles that have made people fall in love with the game.

I myself am a big fan of this epic game and trying to have all those chicken dinners every day. So, how many have you had so far?

Roberta A. Long

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