Be a smart reader with Feedly app

Feedly is an RSS reader that allows you to organize and streamline your favorite news content on a single platform. It boasts a clean and simple interface, with plenty of features for the benefit of casual – and even professional readers.

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How does an RSS feed work?
The world wide web contains a plethora of information. however, it is hard to keep up with the news content that is updated on a regular basis. One way is to visit our favorite websites every day to see if any new information is posted. The other – more effective way is to make use of the RSS icon, present under each website and even YouTube channels.
By subscribing to the RSS feed and adding its link to the Feedly app, you can be notified automatically about any updates from your favorite website. Feedly also does a great job of enhancing a distraction-free reading experience by removing all the sidebars and ads from the page – leaving the text and images in the center for ease of reading.

How to get started with Feedly?
Creating an account with Feedly is similar to any other registration process on the internet. You can also connect the smart reader with your Twitter and Facebook account.
Once you are logged on, you can immediately start searching your favorite content by adding in relevant keywords and URLs from the main Feedly dashboard. If you find something of your interest, simply tap on the ‘Follow’ button to receive its updates on the reader.

On the left panel of the dashboard, you will also find the tabs for ‘Today’ and ‘Read Later.’ As the titles suggest, the Today tab contains feeds that were updated recently while the Read Later includes a list of content that you had marked to view at a later time.
Similarly, on the left panel, you will find tabs for:

  • Feeds – Here, you can view all the websites you are subscribed to.
  • Boards – This area allows you to add websites through URLs and Feedly browser extension
  • Recently Read – Includes a list of titles that you recently viewed
  • Support – Here, you can get answers to any queries you may have and access premium membership of the app.

Read it up with Feedly
Feedly is a leading news aggregating service that makes it convenient for internet users to source content, read, and share! Check it out and let us know your experiences!

Roberta A. Long

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