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The CoolPad Browser is a handy app for everyday internet use on-the-go. A lightweight efficient substitute to Google Chrome, the app is a user-friendly Internet browser. The Chinese technology company, CoolPad, introduced the browser app in 2016.

Since then, the app has made its mark as a speedy Internet browser. It is a special feature of CoolPad mobile phones and tablets in China.

The app is a great success in China but it has a few drawbacks. It is not available on Google Play or Apple Store. It is also only suited to Android technologies, most of which might have the app’s competitors on them.

Yet, it has several great features and characteristics.

The app supports and understands up to 18 languages. An international audience can use this app with ease and switch the language settings accordingly. They can even use several languages interchangeably if they are multilingual.

App size
It’s always best to have a lightweight app and for something as crucial as an internet browser. The app weighs around 3.22 Mb, making it very lightweight and leaving far more room for other apps.

Search bar
The Browser has a customary search bar for internet browsing. You can use it to access sites and look up facts in a matter of seconds.

Screen modes
The app has a full-screen mode and allows you to expand the app completely. This is useful when you access videos or articles online and need the full-screen experience.

Personal Bookmarks
Personalized bookmarks can help you save and archive your favorite items. You can store sites, articles, and videos in one section. You can also use bookmarks to tag your most frequently visited sites. This way you do not have to search for them every time you log on.

Quick access functions
The browser’s homepage allows quick access to recently viewed apps or bookmarked sites. The quick access function makes routine browsing easier for work, school, or pleasure.

Incognito mode
Like most browsers, CoolPad has a built-in Incognito mode option. You can use this feature to avoid sites gathering cookies or mining data from your browsing.

Custom speed settings
The speedy browser is generally adapted and optimized for Android platforms. You can take the speed settings a step further and customize them according to your preferences, making the browser faster or slower.

Along with various speed functions, the browser comes with cards. These are personalized entertainment and informational items. CoolPad’s cards feature includes News, Astrology and Humor cards. Any of these options can be great for fun or important updates about the weather and the world.

If any of these features seem appealing to you, download the app today from APKPure.

Roberta A. Long

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