Ways to make any Android phone like stock Android

There are ways to make your android phone like a stock android without any rooting. Many people like to avoid rooting as due to rooting one has to flash a custom ROM. Therefore, if you still want to go on and make your phone a stock android and avoid the whole process of rooting, all you have to do is that you need to do a few things differently. The process mentioned below works well for all android phones except for the Samsung ones as for the Samsung ones you have to do a few extra things.

Launcher change:
The first thing is you need to change your launcher. This is so because everything in an android device is managed by the launcher.

Switching the keyboard:
The next step is to switch the keyboard to a Google keyboard. This helps in becoming a stocking android. The user needs to start using the Google camera as it better than any other stock camera application available on the app stores. It is simple and easy for you and also gives good results.

Using the messenger:
The next important thing to do is to stop using the regular stock SMS application and switch to the messenger. This is so as the application works well in the stock process.

Switch to Google applications:
Google has the best stock offerings out there. Therefore, it is better to switch to Google apps which include: Google clock, photos, calendar, keep, docs, calculator, slides and sheets.

By doing all the above-mentioned things a user can easily convert their simple android phones into a stock android without any rooting being done.

Roberta A. Long

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