How Good are the Cheap Android phones

There are several android phones and devices available in the market which are quite reasonable or in other words cheap. A question comes in the mind of many people that are these phones worth it, or are they good enough or not? Well, they are worth it depending on a few factors. There are differences between a 99 dollar phone and a 700 dollar phone.

The few factors which are different in cheap and expensive android phones are as follows:

The reliability of the cheaper android phones is a huge issue. These phones are not always reliable and several issues surface when the users of this phone try to upgrade them or download any new version on them.

The cheap android phones either have low-quality hardware or the hardware is only good for a year or two, after which it starts losing its effectiveness.

Compatibility is another major issue in cheap android devices. Not all the companies or the cellular networks work on all the cheap android available in the market. Therefore, it is vital to know if the carrier you use is compatible with the phone which you are thinking of purchase or not.

The processors which are in the cheaper android phones are also not as quick and advanced as the ones in the expensive ones which affect the performance of the phones to a greater extent.

Camera quality:
The camera quality is another feature that is different quality-wise in cheap and expensive android phones. The pixel of the expensive android is way more than that of the cheaper ones. Therefore, before investing in any of the cheap android devices, you must check your requirements and expectations with the components of the phone to save your money.

Roberta A. Long

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