Optimizing your Android device`s battery life by using greenify:

Android devices can easily be optimized by using Greenify. Greenify saves your battery`s life by a very effectively using the pushing applications and putting the device in a kind of hibernation mode. This state is like an idle state which stops the applications form running in the background which stops them from draining the device`s battery. Greenify performs a similar function to a task killer, however, it is not a task killer. This is so as it stops the programs from starting up again. It also gives you an option that which applications you want to close and which ones you want to keep running.

Using greenify on a non-rooted device:

After installing greenify on your device, you need to click next on the welcome screen. Then select my device is not rooted in the working mode, next you have to unlock your screen in the screen lock compatibility area. After this, you need to select the automatic hibernation and edit the settings of the applications which need to be hibernated. Next, you need to select the power button instantly locks which indicates that the applications will stop working as soon as the power button is hit. After selecting all the applications you want you to need to click finish on the ready page.

Using greenify on a rooted device:

If you are using a rooted device you need to click on the option which says my device is rooted in the working mode. You have to click next on the next few popup boxes and click finish in the last step. Everything else is the same as in the non-rooted device method.

Hibernated applications:

Click on the plus sign at the bottom of the page and add all the applications which you want to hibernate to the list.

Roberta A. Long

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