Vital WhatsApp tips and tricks which everyone should know:

There are millions of people who use WhatsApp daily, there are certain tips and tricks which every WhatsApp user should know of. Some of the important tricks and tips are as follows:  

Creating italicized, bold or strikethrough text:

The text can be bold, italicized or even strikethrough on WhatsApp chats. By putting a (*) in the start and the end of the word or a phrase the text can be made bold. Putting (_) on any side of a text can make it italics and if you want to have the strike-through text you need to add (~) in the start and at the end of the word or phrase. Monospace text can also be created by adding the (`) to either side of the phrase or the text.

Quoting a message in response:

A message can be quoted in a response by swiping right on the message which needs to be quoted and click on this will attach your response to the quoted text or an image.

Stop the WhatsApp calls to use extra data:

A user can easily top the WhatsApp calls to use extra data by going to the Settings menu and selecting the Data and storage usage option followed by the Low data usage tap. After which you need to tick the box which says lower the amount of data which is used in a call.

Restricting auto-downloading using mobile data:

The auto-downloading of the WhatsApp can be restricted or disabled, by going to the Settings selecting Data and storage usage and then tapping the When using mobile data. You need to uncheck the downloading of the material or documents via mobile data. 

Applying the two-step verification:

The two-step verification process can easily be applied by going to Settings tapping Account then clicking the Two-step verification. Here you can create a 6 digit pin for the WhatsApp and add your email address or phone number in case you forget your PIN.

Requesting for account information:

Account information can be requested by going to Settings go to Account select Request account info, then click on the Request report.

Apart from these, there are other tricks and tips too which can be used however, these are the most used ones.

Roberta A. Long

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