Grab a cab with Cabify

Need a ride to your yoga class? Cabify can get you there. The free ride-sharing app gives you access to fast and safe transport options.

No need to wait for a bus or train for work. Now, you can travel in style and get chauffeured around town with just the press of a button.

Cabify is currently available in around 90 cities. Currently, Cabify cabs are speeding through countries like Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Spain.

Here’s how it works. Just order a ride and choose where you need to go. Next choose between three vehicle options: Lite, Executive, and Easy Taxi.

Next, confirm the ride and get the registration details and location of the driver. You’ll even get the estimated price for the journey since Cabify comes with an online taximeter.

Pay the fare and then even share the ride details with family or friends to let them know your location.

Some of the greatest things about the app are the following factors.

Language options

Good news for bilingual users! You can navigate the app in several languages including English, Portuguese, and Spanish.


You can share the details of your ride with any family member or friend. This way you can feel safer traveling through the city, especially at night.

The app’s geo-localization feature lets you share your current location and cab route. This way your loved one can follow you virtually.


Cabify realizes that differently-abled people need to be mobile, too. This is why the app offers a navigation and control option using a VoiceOver feature.

This allows blind people to get around. With Cabify, disability will no longer mean dependence.

Environmentally friendly rides

The app provides carbon-neutral journeys and offsets the carbon footprint of the journey. This is great news for anyone who’s concerned about the environment.

Easier work commutes

The app even offers corporate transport options. If you need easier options for work commutes, just grab a cab and head off in the morning.

Individual working professionals can use the app as well as businesses that might want to provide commute options.

Payment options

The app has several payment options. You can pay through cash as the driver drops you off. You also can pay using Paypal, and credit cards to even pre-book rides.

Grab a cab

Anyone can download the app and start commuting safely and efficiently. The app is currently only available in Latin countries.

The app itself is easy to download. It weighs 266.4 MB and is compatible with Android and IOS.

 So download the app now and get going!

Roberta A. Long

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