Glitch Lab

As the name suggests, Glitch Lab is a powerful glitching app, which helps you transform your photos according to the latest pop art style. It offers a broad range of tools and options with great results and filters.  

With the help of this app, you can make your photos spectacular and stunning with astonishing results. 

Features of Glitch Lab:

Some of the most prominent features of Glitch Lab include:

  • Powerful photo editing
  • Crop any photo with zoom and rotation
  • Apply up to 5 different visual effects
  • Blend 3 photos together to create stunning effects
  • Glitch each photo individually
  • Rotate, crop, lighten, darken or flip any photo
  • You can save your photos or email them to anyone
  • Can upload your photos on facebook or Instagram directly
  • Resolution of 512,1024-pixel square
  • Video showing the tutorial on how to use the app
  • Also have manual for better understanding of app
  • You can add any shapes onto your layers like square, triangles, lines, stars, etc.
  • The option of music and sound for your entertainment
  • Option to undo or redo the visual effects at any stage
  • Book mark option is available to save your work or reuse image

Additionally, the app includes more than 100 effects to enhance your photographs. With this, you can easily sort pixels according to your preference, add a retro design, use texts, and various filters as well.

How to start with the Glitch Lab?

Many people find photo editing apps to be challenging and time-consuming. However, Glitch Lab is simple and easy to use. The app offers a clean interface along with proper guidelines – making it easy to give you the best framework and outlook.

Glitch Lab is available for free on both – Android and iOS devices. A premium version of the app is also available that you can obtain for an added cost. The paid version includes additional filters, higher resolutions, and of course – an advertisement free interface.

Once you download the app, all you have to do is upload the photos from your device or take a new photo on the go – and start glitching as you like.

Let’s make your photos more interesting:

Glitch Lab is a great app if you like to give special effects to your photos. With higher resolution and effects along with the filter, you can make your photos cool, trendy and stylish.

Roberta A. Long

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