The video app you’ll Likee

If you like making video content, you’ll love Likee. The newer version of the LIKE app is a video making platform. Likee lets you make, edit and share fun and creative video with just your smartphone. 

It has several exciting features, including:

Cosmetic editing

The app comes with the options of Makeup and Microsurgery features. They let you beautify and edit your videos with ease. You can use emoticons, stickers and more to create the best photos and videos.

Video production

The app offers video production features like Supreme. This lets you easily edit and turn mere videos into high-quality content.

The app even comes with a video dubbing feature that lets you play around with other movie’s content and dialogue. 

 Live broadcasting

Likee even lets you create live broadcasts for your friends and followers. It is a completely interactive tool with interactive gameplay and gift options.

Smart features

You have the option to use the 4D Magic feature, Hair Color options, and Superpowers option. This will help you create realistic special effects for high-quality videos.

Music video maker

To jazz up your videos, you can use Music Magic filters. This effect lets you sync actions and effects to specific beats to make fun, unique videos.

The filter allows you to make a high-end music video to share with your followers. Who knows, you might become an internet sensation!

Language features

Don’t speak English? Don’t worry! The app supports 16 languages including English, Hindi, Malay, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Social community

Not only does the app let you make your own videos, but it also allows you to watch other people’s content.

With the Likee app, you will get access to music videos, short films, and funny vines. You can even watch informational videos about food, lifestyle and more.

The app even lets you interact with and talk to fellow community members. You can talk to celebrities, artists and even regular folk from around you. You can even chat with people in the same city by using the Nearby location feature.

Social media sharing

The app allows you to share videos on other social media platforms.

Just save the video content you create on your phone.  Then all you need to do is share it on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, or TikTok. 

Social media sharing is a great option for influencers and social media stars. They can then make quality content for several of their social media platforms.

And this feature is not just for influencers! You can even send the videos to friends or share them on your personal accounts.

The app is available on both Android and IOS. So start making videos today! 

Roberta A. Long

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