Rappi: The app that delivers!

 Craving some good Chinese? Need to pick up some eggs? Rappi might be the solution for you. 

Rappi is a hip and popular delivery app. It delivers everything and anything to your doorstep.  It will deliver food, groceries, medicine, and even the set of keys you forgot at home!

The app is currently available in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico.

Here’s what so great about the app:

Dual order features

The app lets you order from local restaurants and discover new cuisine. It even allows you to run errands through a delivery person if you are super busy. 

The app even has a new version, Version 3.0. This comes with advanced new features that let you make two orders at the same time. This way you can order your dinner and your groceries at the same time!

Personal Help

Everyone needs help every now and then. With your busy personal and work schedules, you might not get the time to pick up the milk or bread. You also might not have the energy to get medicine if you have a sick day at home.

In both these scenarios, Rappi can help. Rappi’s delivery people can run errands for you and deliver things you need. The app can help you pay bills and pick up the dry-cleaning in your hour of need.

Great service

The app offers around-the-clock service all day and all year. Rappi will help you  whenever you want it. Ran out of medicine in the middle of the night? Rappi will deliver. Burnt Christmas dinner and need a replacement? Rappi’s there at your doorstep. 

 Payment options

The app lets you pay in several ways. You can pay online through your debit or credit card when you first place the order. And like other delivery services, it also offers a cash option.

Just shell out the required amount when the delivery person appears at your doorstep.

Here’s the best thing, though, you can even get free stuff from the app. The app offers free products and services as deals every day.

Download Rappi 

Rappi is available on Google Play and the App Store. It has conducted 3 million orders so far with millions of satisfied customers. 

Join them and order now!

Roberta A. Long

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