‘Show Caller’ identify your Caller

Over the past years, telecommunication and networking have gained momentum. With its overwhelming features, such as teleconferencing, video-calling, mail exchange, it benefitted the population but the world is saturated with positives and negatives, pranks and tricks and many more. You know it’s April Fool’s day when you had been receiving prank calls since morning and you had to receive almost every call and get yourself fooled, just because you didn’t know who is on the other side of the phone.

Time sure changes for all of us! New apps and engineering techniques were developed to reveal your caller’s true identity with specifications. It was built to help a busy soul who doesn’t have time for attending every call (might be some type of telemarketing advertisement or fraud) or replying to spammed mails.

By the mid-1900s, the communication engineer, Theodore George, succeeded in making an App, Show Caller. This intellectual app not only shows the caller’s name, phone number, location but also lets you block unwanted or fake caller IDs.

Show Caller app is worth the try, get it on your cellphone or landline and save your time and secure your personal information from being misused.

How does this simple yet genius app work?

First of all, install the Show Caller app on your registered cell number or carrier networks. Then, make changes according to the instructions given by the app to set it up. Once you are done with setting up, it starts to carry out its tasks.

It works offline as well as online but makes sure you keep an updated version of it. It shows the caller’s true identity, phone number and avoids unwanted messages, email and telemarketing types of calls and texts to the recipient.

Main features of Show Caller ID

According to some websites, more than 20 million people trust it worldwide. This international acceptance is not only because of its assurance of users’ privacy but there are many other special features as well.

  • It shows the caller’s registered name by stating its region as well.
  • It blocks the fake callers and known spammers.
  • It has the ‘report option so that you can report the higher authorities about harassers and fraud IDs.
  • It saves you from telemarketing, advertisement, and sales calls.
  • With its HD quality call recording, it can keep a record of these calls.

Save yourself from the bother of Scam and Spam

This application is a real saver in this era of fraud, deceitful actions,  and imposters. Call blocking, reporting, call recording and offline investigation of unknown callers have been made effortlessly easy.

You can rescue yourself and your personal data by using this app, anytime and anywhere.

Roberta A. Long

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