10 must-have Android games for kids

Finding appropriate Android games for your kids could be a daunting task these days since they prefer playing games like Call of Duty which hasn’t been designed specifically for kids. If you are on the hunt for the next game for your kid that would provide them with tons of enjoyment and keep them engaged, then you are on the right page. This list is a mix of educational, fun, engaging games that also feature child-friendly themes.

Here are the 10-must have Android games for kids.  

Think Rolls 2

If you want to help your child develop logic and problem-solving skills, then this is the best game for that purpose. With a variety of puzzles and lovely graphics, the game would not just develop logical thinking in your child but will also entertain them.

Toca Life World

This game compels your children to bring out their creative side. regular storytelling is no longer fun. This is why Toca Life World tries to create an imaginary world that would spark your kid’s imagination and help them learn about the world. this game has been developed in view of kids’ perspective for empowering them while they learn. It is a fun, creative game.  

Masha and the Bear

With the epic journey of a girl and her companion, a woodland bear, Masha and the Bear is a collection of instructional games for kids up to the age of six. They will assist the younger ones by suggesting images, things to jog their memory, music to connect them with instruments, or basic mathematical procedures. Children can carry on learning at home in this way.

Human Heroes: The Einstein’s Clock

This game brings back the genius Albert Einstein back to life. Developed alongside education specialists, the game features narration by Stephen Fry who portrays the character of Einstein. The app is entirely free with no in-app purchases, signups, or subscriptions. The best thing is that it can be played with no internet connectivity. Several mini-games in the game assist in explaining the workings of time to kids. Of course, they learn the fundamentals, including how to read an analogue clock’s time, but there is also more advanced material included.

LEGO Tower

This game lets you construct and operate your own LEGO tower. Here your kids can build a wide range of businesses and apartments for the Minifigure residents to live, play and work. Several other variants of the game promise fun and adventure to kids. These are simple to pick up and fun to play.   


Minecraft is one of the most played games ever. It is loved by both children and adults alike. The game initially features a blank environment where you can mine and craft items. You can switch to the creative mode or survival mode in the game. Your kids would love this game where they can build anything from simple homes to the grandest castles.  

Pet Bingo

Duck Duck Moose offers a fantastic free game for kids called Pet Bingo. It combines a math game, a bingo game, and a pet simulator. Your children are given easy math problems to solve, and when they do, they are rewarded with adorable miniature animals to take care of. Basic arithmetic is covered in the math section, and the numbers can rise to unexpectedly high levels. Yet, the greater numbers may be for the older youngsters since the game’s creators recommend it for players between the ages of 5 and 10. Although Google Play offers the game as free and mentions a 50% off deal, we were not required to spend anything for it throughout our testing.


This instant town-building game allows the players to construct stunning Italian cities in the middle of the sea. You can start building beautiful communities by just tapping on the screen. The game is so simple that even young kids can play it with much ease. There are no books to read and no objectives. It is suitable for kids of all ages and is a classic.

Pokémon Playhouse

This game has been designed specifically for kids unlike other Pokémon game variants available on Android. The kids can engage with a number of Pokémon variants while traveling to different areas. This exploration game also features a few mini-games that would entice kids under 5 thereby making it ideal for toddlers who cannot read.  

Little Inferno

Offered by Tomorrow Corporation, this game involves an adventure that takes place in front of a fireplace. With over a million copies sold, this game lets your kids experiment with matches without setting your home on fire.  

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