The best Android keyboards for typing and productivity

Many individuals are comfortable with the default keyboard that they are offered with their Android devices. But did you know that it is not your only option? If you love typing long texts and content through your phone, then there are a variety of third-party keyboard apps for your Android phone that comes with a ton of features. While some keyboard apps focus on customization while others promise better typing. Some offer both. Here are the top options you have when it comes to android keyboards for boosting your typing skills.  


1C Big Keyboard

This keyboard app has been designed specifically for older individuals and anyone who may have a declining vision, featuring a larger font. The keyboard takes up the majority of the screen by default, but if you need to, you may swipe up and give it 100% of the screen. Further features include customizable choices and larger keys for reduced typos. It would make a great choice for the elder audience who need assistance with typing on their devices.


One of the most widely used Android keyboards is Fleksy. It has all the essential components, such as swipe and motion controls, online search, support for GIFs and memes, themes, extensions, and more. There are free themes available. Yet, some also have a price tag. The majority of in-app purchases are only themes, and the keyboard is completely free.  With a wide range of options for productivity and aesthetics, this Android keyboard is both useful and entertaining. It offers many keyboard customization capabilities, including the ability to have a number row on top, and it also offers helpful smart autocorrect that learns users’ typing tendencies. It is a full-featured keyboard software as well as a GIF keyboard for speedy responses. It sets a world record for the fastest keyboard software for sending messages thanks to a gesture typing function. Another interesting aspect of this keyboard is the chiclet keyboard which works with multiple operating systems including Mac OS, Linux, Chrome OS, and Windows.

Grammarly Keyboard

Grammarly is one of the most recent keyboards on Android. It began as a chrome extension offering grammar corrections as you typed. The Android keyboard does the same. It verifies your punctuation, grammar, and spelling as you type. Since it was launched recently, we can expect future versions to include more functionality. You still receive a very tidy keyboard that aids in interim grammar correction. We appreciate how, if you choose, it explains your corrections so that you can benefit from them as well.

Microsoft SwiftKey

This is one of the best Android keyboards ever. Along with motion typing, this keyboard app offers top-notch prediction and auto-correction. With cloud synchronization, you can stick to current themes and keyboard customization across all devices you use. Support is available in over 100 languages. Although all its features are free, you will have to pay a fee if you want to use various themes offered by the company.

Open Board Keyboard

This straightforward keyboard promises a more sophisticated experience when compared to other third-party keyboard apps. This is because it features changeable themes, an increased level of privacy, and support in multiple languages. The Open Board keyboard app is a fantastic choice for those looking for a simple, sleek keyboard that is based on open-source technology and works with custom privacy and permissions settings. Although it isn’t exactly the most complicated or fully featured keyboard software, it promises a better experience than its competitors. There is no swipe-to-type feature available with this keyboard, however, it does allow contextual typing predictions.  

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