Exploring Android for education: Apps and tools for students and teachers

Students and teachers can leverage the power of technology equally these days to put their best foot forward. Google Play has several applications available for free and each one comes with its own set of features. If you are looking for the best apps to assist with your academic study or are a teacher and turning to technology to make your job a lot easier, then you would be amazed by these options available for you.


The app is perfect for enlivening lessons and has been developed specifically for teachers. Teachers can use this application to provide multimedia lessons that students can download to their smartphones. Since the Nearpod app is entirely free and has a variety of layouts, it can be used for a range of educational activities.  


This app works well for teachers who use Android devices. It can be used to create a record of who attended each of their courses and to assist them in keeping track of the individual student’s academic progress and classwork. Also, this software enables the addition of photos to each name so that the teacher may more easily confirm and follow the required information.


This is another interesting application that instructors can download for free from Google Play on their android phones. It has been designed to keep the students focused during classes. It assists the teachers in creating interactive visuals so that they can make any lecture fun and engaging regardless of the topic they are presenting to the class. 

Answer Garden

With the help of this free tool, teachers can pose a question to their students that can be answered in only one word or phrase. Answers are sent via a web link, QR code, or through the app. This is a great tool that can be used for group brainstorming exercises in the classroom.

Ever Note

One of the most frequently used apps by students is Evernote. This app makes it easier to organize all of the courses and assignments so that they can locate what they are searching for. This app is ideal regardless of your age or whether you are earning a degree or a high school diploma. This free productivity software helps students stay organized. Several note-taking features including photos, sketches, text, video and audio are supported by the app under the free basic plan. You can also share notes easily by syncing the app across devices. 

Book Creator

Want to create notes while studying various topics? Using this adaptable tool, students of any age can create e-books. You can include audio files, text, images, hand-drawn illustrations and video files as well into the grids. You can easily download the books created to prepare for the exams. There are tons of lesson plans and other resources available that the teachers can utilize in their classroom libraries to make class fun and engaging.

Behavior Flip

this is a great tool that instructors can use to monitor students and make note of coachable actions in areas of responsibility and respect. This helps them spot behavior trends while monitoring the class. The program also allows teachers to commend pupils for actions that hint at resilience. This is a great app for teachers to help students correct their behavior and mold their personalities.

Save All

This interesting app helps students remember the concepts they have learned effectively. It helps them find the perfect solution to memorize what they have learnt. This tool provides the best chance to students to revise each concept in the form of effective steps. It presents various options for the students to understand each question and the associated answer. If you are preparing for an exam, then Save All would be your safest bet.   

Roberta A. Long