10 free android apps for learning a new language

Learning a new language requires you to invest a lot of time. However, it doesn’t have to be expensive when there are a ton of free apps available for learning a language. These apps offer innovative features and lessons in the form of games, images, videos, and interactions to help you learn a new language or brush up on one you have already learned it.  


Duolingo is one of the best places to learn a new language free of cost. This app is easy to use and you can learn over 30 languages in a fun and interactive way. You can use this free app every day for mini lessons that help you quickly improve your spoken English. The app has several functions. The first one is the Learn section which introduces the user to the basics. The Stories feature challenges your listening and reading skills. Discuss feature allows interactions on the user forum. Events help the learners to find other learners near them. The dictionary helps with instant translations and with sample sentences as well. You can Shop for things to purchase credits you earn throughout the site. You can switch to a different language anytime without losing your place in your current one.             


This app provides various techniques for remembering every concept you come across while learning any language. Some of these courses are created by users like you. There is a handful of languages for you to pick over this app. You can easily jump around to any course you want as there is no specific restriction to follow a standard start-to-finish order. You gather points as soon as you complete the courses. There is also a leaderboard that you can use as inspiration to keep learning and competing with other members. You can also create groups on Memrise to study with classmates, friends and other people you know. Certain features on the app require you to pay to use them. However, a majority of features are available free of cost.

Mango Languages

This app helps you learn a handful of languages for free. If you want to access more advanced features, you will have to pay or sign up through your local library if they have a subscription to the app. The application is user-friendly and provides interactive lessons where you can learn specific words in a sentence repeatedly until you get it right. You can also use a microphone to check if your pronunciation is perfect.     

Internet Polyglot

This is more of a massive flashcard game. Once you have decided which language you wish to learn, you can browse through various lessons to learn a handful of words and phrases. You can go through the lessons to check what you have learned in the form of guessing, picture, matching, and typing games. You can learn Turkish, Portuguese, Greek, German, French, Hindi, Polish and more with the help of this popular android application. 

MIT’s Global Languages

Although this app isn’t easy to use, it does offer you a consistent set of lessons. You will find audio files for a few languages and PDFs for others. There are video lessons available for a few and even assignments for some. This resource is the best option to choose if you have exhausted all other resources available to you. It currently helps you learn Chinese, Spanish, French, Japanese and other languages for free. 

Hello Talk

This app takes a different approach to language learning. Instead of offering quizzes, lessons and games, this app serves as a companion to other language apps. It in a way helps you brush your existing skills. it helps pair people who want to converse in the language they are learning. All you need to do is specify the language you want and pair with a native who is eager to learn your language. It is a clever way to master your speaking skills in the language you are interested in.  

50 Languages

There is a lot of content available for free if you use this app. However, you can expect a lot of apps while learning a language of your choice. If you don’t want to be bothered by them, then you pay a one-time fee to the app developers. This app doesn’t have any subscription-based upgrade. Although there is no clear flow through the lessons, you can learn content across a broad range of categories. The lessons include flashcards, word lists, quizzes, vocabulary games and a translation tool as well.  


EWA is an app for learning English. Most language learning apps begin in English and then teach you in other languages. This app does the reverse. It teaches you English in other languages. It offers shorter courses and they have a fun element associated with them. Many sessions make use of movie and TV snippets to assist with language learning. 


This is another popular language-learning platform. It supports over three dozen languages. The main emphasis of this app is to promote conversational learning instead of repetitive vocabulary stuff. You learn how to talk to people using the decent speech recognition feature. The app also comes with Google ARCore support, a phrasebook and a vocal practice tool. 

Rosetta Stone

This is one of the most popular language-learning apps. It has been around a decade. The central app supports over two dozen languages. Its model of learning is similar to Mondly. It lays a special focus on conversational learning, vocabulary and grammar lessons. This is one of the tried-and-true methods to learn any new language effectively. 

Roberta A. Long