10 essential Android apps for fitness and health

If you are looking for an effective tool to help you track your fitness goals, then there is a wide range of Android apps you can choose from. These make it easier for you to stay motivated, shed excess weight, build strength, and keep track of your fitness levels. With endless options available, it can be difficult for you to find that one perfect app. We have narrowed down the top android apps available on Google Play that are worth downloading.  

My Fitness Pal

Whether you want to eat more mindfully or want to track all the meals you eat, this all-in-one nutrition and fitness tracker will help you do a lot more. You can log from over 14 million foods to check the breakdown of nutrients and calories to check whether your diet is providing you with all that your body needs. there are ample tools available in the app if you are trying to lose weight or customize your food menu. The app allows you to scan barcodes to check the nutritional information of any food product. The Meal Planner tool and fitness tracker tools can be customized to support your health goals.  


Intelligent program planning is necessary for effective strength training. To help you plan the specifics of your weightlifting sessions and track total reps and weights utilized in the training log tracker, Jefit’s free version includes a database of more than 1,300 exercises. You can monitor changes in your body composition, including weight and body fat percentage, with the use of the log. For individuals who love following experts, Jefit also includes pre-designed training plans suitable for all fitness levels. The Jefit’s elite membership removes adverts and provides access to advanced training reports, featured workout sets, and more.


If you want to access a wide range of workout routines, then try FitOn. It will introduce you to cardio, weight training, HIIT, dance, yoga, Pilates, Barre, and more workout strategies you need to maintain your overall health. Famous instructors including Gabrielle Union, Julianne Hough, and Jonathan Van Ness are featured in the routines. You can access the classes in real-time in the form of on-demand workouts and live classes. Use real-time heart rate monitoring and a live scoreboard to track your fitness objectives and progress. You can access over 500 recipes, customized meal plans, live workout video calls, and other features by upgrading to the Pro version.  


Strava is a functional fitness tool that is preferred by runners, hikers and cyclists to track their runs and rides. The app also lets you track real-time statistics such as distance travelled, the estimated number of calories burnt, and more. The software also has social elements if you would love to share your love for fitness with your social media followers. People on Strava share everything from marathons to weekend hikes with their social media fam. Think of this app as a journal for your activities as everything is just a search away. You can set goals for cycling, walking, or whatever sports you want. Get a personalized workout analysis to understand how your hard work is adding up.    


You don’t need to have an expensive bike (or treadmill) to use the workout software from this cult favorite company. A Peloton membership is open to everyone. The app provides live in-studio coaching as well as on-demand programs for a variety of training styles. For strength training, join a boot camp or use the treadmill or stationary bike at your gym. Everything is available on this app, including barre, boxing, and meditation. Also, it’s perfect for athletes who want to connect with other people who are on the same fitness journey. You can follow pals through the app, participate in competitions, and even send virtual high-fives after a challenging workout. There is also an option to connect your smartwatch to Peloton using the Wear OS software to log your workouts.

Map My Fitness

This app has a collection of various exercises for both beginners and experts.  Users can choose from Under Armour specialists’ programs that focus on particular muscle areas. The app can also create training schedules tailored to your objectives and degree of fitness. As an Under Armour app, MapMyFitness connects to the company’s wearables and other gadgets to deliver improved analytics and exercise tracking. MapMyFitness has a monthly subscription charge like its competitors, however, it is far less than the cost of most other apps.


When it comes to improving your fitness, Seven is a great tool, especially if you’re short on time. The app emphasizes the idea of seven-minute sessions and approaches exercise in a fun and game-like manner. Want some inspiration? Drill sergeants and cheerleaders serve as exercise instructors. The app also has social media integrations that let users share their progress and get support from their friends and family.

Nike Run Club

This incredible app will keep track of your workouts, metrics, and personalized regimens. It also provides workouts with voice guidance. Nike Run Club employs leaderboards and achievements to track your performance and keep people interested. Also, it is completely free, setting it apart from most of its competitors. Although the other apps come with a ton of other features, Nike Run Club is a great option for those looking for a free Android app to achieve their fitness goals.

Big Fit Girl

Developed by Louise Green, the author of popular fitness guides “Fitness for Everyone” and “Big Fit Girl”, this app makes fitness accessible to everyone regardless of their age, size and current fitness level. The app introduces you to basic chair exercises and works up to advanced moves with various strength training and cardio workouts. If you have any injuries or are new, then the app will meet you where you are allowing you to work up confidently and safely.    


The Glo app has something for everyone. Whether you just heard of yoga and wanted to give it a try or are already experienced, this app offers daily live sessions and on-demand classes whenever your schedule permits. Even classes can be downloaded for access when you’re on the go. There are 16 different class formats to pick from, and all of them are taught by qualified and experienced professors.

Roberta A. Long