Enlight Pixaloop’ recreate your memories

Being a blogger or a trend-following person, you are always in search of different editing apps which can do wonders to your captured photos or videos, then end your search and try this magical pixie, enlight pixaloop.

Enlight Pixaloop is the new sensation among the other editing apps in Play Store. According to its millions of users, this magic wand recreates an ordinary picture to an extraordinary piece of art.

By the year 2018, Israel based company, Lightricks Ltd. released its photo animating and photo editing mobile app. In a year, its revenue reached $700k with 800k downloads worldwide. The app proves to be a complete kit of tools required for recreating, animating and editing your photos, pictures and video clips.

Highlighted Features of Enlight Pixaloop
This handy app comes up with desirable features which are listed below:

  • Basic editing add-ons contain cut, crop, blur, contrast, sharpening options with unique filter and face tuning effects.
  • Replace your crowded background with colorful and beautiful scenery.
  • Create a stunning time-lapse with its automated effects.
  • Add skies to your dull background pictures by using animation photo options and choose variety of different views of sky and clouds.
  • Add eye-catching overlays to change the Aura of the pictures.
  • Put video effects on your portrait by using different styles plus control the speed and motion.

How can you use this app?
It’s quite easy working on your captures with this app as it only requires touch, taps, and swipes.
The app holds a diverse range of brushes and pointers so that the user can work with ease and precision.
Use the arrows for setting graphics into motion, adding touch-ups and giving the desired effects and direction. The pointers help to give the incredible design and result. With these fairy wands’ brushes, you can give your video graphics the best visual effects.

Pack your Pixie Dust on your mobile!
We all wonder why the celebrities get the perfect pictures with the right background, color tones and the accurate amount of brightness- here’s how. Just open the Pixaloop photo animator and editor and become a celebrity of your own social circle.

If you play an enthusiastic role on social media, you might want to pack up the pixie dust!

Roberta A. Long

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