The data Android backs up automatically

Ever wondered if there is a set of data that is backed up by the android devices automatically. This data is backed up due to the Google tools and applications which are built on android devices. This data is automatically synced and backed up. An android user can easily go to the Settings menu select the Accounts and click on Google to check the e-mail address registered for the backup. The things or data which is selected for syncing can also be seen from this menu.

Things that are backed up are:
Emails, documents, contacts, and calendars:
All the emails, contacts, calendars, and documents are all backed up by Google.

System settings:
The system settings such as the Wi-Fi password settings are also saved on Google.

Browsing history:
All the browsing history of chrome is also saved on Google.

Chat logs of hangout:
Any chats which are done over hangout are all saved by Google.

Purchased content:
Anything which is purchased by android users is all saved on Google.

All the pictures saved on the phone and any other images stored on it are all saved by Google automatically.

The passwords of various applications and websites accessed by the android device are also saved on Google.

Third-party application data:
Any third-party application also syncs the data on Google.

Things that are not backed up by Google or an Android device:
Text messages:
The text messages or the SMS messages which are exchanged over the cellphone carrier are not saved by Google.

Custom settings:
The custom settings which have been made by the users are also not saved by Google.

The Google authenticator data:
The data of Google authenticators are not stored on Google.

Things that can be backed up:
The things which can be backed up by the android users are:
Progress in the games:
The progress made in the games being played on the android device can be saved to Google by going into the settings.

Application settings:
The customization settings of the applications can also be saved on Google.

Roberta A. Long

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