“Calm” App, the Apple Award-winning Meditation App

In today’s world, people are increasingly finding it difficult to have mental peace due to stress, depression, mental anxiety, unemployment, pollution, disturbance and a lot of other professional and personal factors. However, the app, ‘Calm’ helps people reduce stress and anxiety, develop confidence and eliminate the stressors that influence their mental health.

How to get started with ‘Calm’?

When you download the app (available on both – Android and iOS), it gives you the options to choose which aims you want to achieve with the use of Calm.

The core of this application is the ‘meditate’ app and includes several different podcasts categorized by the targets you want to achieve.

The most famous and recommended by the app itself is the meditation series, “7 Days of Calm”, which introduces you to meditation. When the podcast is playing, the app looks similar to another music app with options to pause and play. Also, the podcast will continue playing if the phone is locked or is on sleep.

Another tab, which helps one to achieve its objectives, is the ‘Masterclass’ tab. These are audios of instructors, which inform the user about the difficulties in trying to achieve their goal of being mindful.

Other tabs include the ‘music’ and ‘sleep’ tabs. The music tab has a lot of calming and comforting music options to choose from while the sleep tab has a number of pacifying bedtime stories that help a person to sleep peacefully.

Additionally, the app comes with several soothing and calm wallpapers to turn your phone into the tranquil mode.

Features of ‘Calm’

Other than providing a range of options of podcasts of meditations to achieve one’s goals and providing motivation and confidence, ‘Calm’ has a number of other features, which make the app more feasible to use:

This includes:

  • The ‘heart’ button, that enables them to save the podcast so they can find it later.
  • Download podcasts, that allows offline access to the videos
  • The home page has sounds of climatic sounds to further calm the body.
  • A personalized profile that is updated along with your preference for podcasts. It provides stats such as a number of sessions, the number of minutes and the number of consecutive days a person is listening to a podcast.

Price of Calm

The Calm app is available for a 7-day of a free trial, after which the users can continue using it at $12.99/month, $59.99/year and $299.99 for a lifetime subscription.

Ensure ‘Calm’ in your life

If you are also suffering from mental anxiety, the app is your solution. Give it a try and let us know your experiences.

Roberta A. Long

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