Don’t Miss Important Movie Scenes with ‘RunPee’

Many of us face the problem of going to the washroom while watching a movie. But of course, we are reluctant to go because we don’t want to miss any important parts of the storyline or the character development, which takes place along the movie.

Besides this, household chores and demands of everyday life can interfere with our luxury several times.

Luckily, technology has a solution for that as well.

RunPee is an app that ensures you can do all these activities with ease and in time, while not missing any important scenes of the movie you are watching. It informs you of the most suitable time and the duration for which you can go, pee or do any work, which you suddenly remember during a movie.

How to use RunPee?

When you download the app from the App Store or Play Store, a list of movies appears on your screen with their duration and pee times, which are available. However, you must keep in mind that pee times of latest movies are only available if you verify your email address.

When you select a movie that you would like to watch, you would see vital details of the selected movie such as their personal grade of the movie, official IMDB ratings, the cast of the movie and the critics’ personal response to the movie.

The next page on your screen will inform you about the number of pee times and their duration during the movie. It also gives reasons as to why this time period in the movie is chosen as a pee time when you can go to the washroom or you can do any other minor work left. Not only this but it also informs the user of the dialogue after which the pee time starts.

Features of RunPee:

  • There is an option of a movie timer, which vibrates, as the next pee time is about to approach. So the app gets you covered if you are too much engrossed in the movie so that you never miss a pee time.
  • The details of personal grades of the movie and critics’ responses help the user to make choices for a movie night.
  • Accurate and detailed information about when the pee time is about to start, after which dialogue and till what time will it continue.

This app is perfect for people who are very fond of watching movies. But when nature calls – you have to go. With this app, you can easily continue with your daily activities without missing crucial scenes. The app is free to use, so give it a try and let us know your movie experience.

Roberta A. Long