Sky: Children of the Light

Have you ever felt the urge to experience what it’s like to live in a magical world? Well, the closest that you can get to witness such an experience is by downloading Sky: Children of the Light.

The game in question was developed as well as published by Thatgamecompany(Independent Game Development Company, famous for creating Journey). The sky was released worldwide on July 18, 2019, for iOS.

Within six months of its release, Sky: Children of the Light has already become a sensation among iOS users. The game’s success can be gauged from the fact that it came close to winning the “Mobile Game of the Year” award at last month’s Golden Joystick Awards. It is also nominated for the “Best Mobile Game” at the upcoming Game Awards.

Shedding some light on the game, it is actually a social adventure one in which players have the ability to fly across a magical kingdom while embarking on gripping adventures. Moreover, they can:

  • Travel between seven different realms, with every realm mirroring a unique stage of life.
  • Exchange their in-game currency with “spirits” to get cosmetic as well as gameplay-enhancing items such as capes, masks, musical instruments and more!
  • Customize their Characters
  • Socially engage with other players, unlock and utilize the chat feature as well as send gifts to each other to help them improve their gameplay.
  • And much more!

Who can play Sky: Children of the Light?

As of now, the game is only available on the App Store. Users having access to iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with support for iOS 9.0 or later are all welcome to install the game for free! As for Android users, they can pre-register for the game right away but will have to wait before they actually get to play the game. The sky is also being developed for PC and Console.

 The Next Big Thing?

Sky has been receiving rave reviews ever since it was rolled out for iOS this past summer. Moreover, it is expected to become playable on Android devices by the end of this year or early next year. However, the anticipation level is off the charts. There is a massive chance that we are looking at game-category’s next chart-topper!

So, what are you waiting for? Visually appealing games packed with thrilling adventures and exciting multiplayer opportunities like Sky don’t get released too often. Download it right away if you own an iOS device and pre-register if you are an Android user!

Roberta A. Long

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