The Best Android Devices for E-Reading in 2023

If you’ve ever tried to read some books on your smartphone, you’ll know the pain of having to squint and peer at the text. Sure, you can make the text bigger, but then follows the bother of constantly sliding your finger horizontally on the screen.

Here in this post, we will be looking at some of the best Android devices that you can buy for a pleasant and easy e-reading experience.

  1. Kindle Oasis

Kindle devices are characterized by their somewhat characteristic use i.e., for reading books. The special and different features provided by these devices are centered around making their main use i.e., e-reading easier and more comfortable.

The Kindle Oasis is one of the latest models in the device series, and it comes with a range of useful features that aren’t that easily found in other Android tablets, or even previous versions of Kindle itself.

  1. For one, an excellent feature that you can get with the Kindle Oasis is the waterproof design. As the name somewhat gives it away, the Kindle Oasis is made to be used in all types of situations, whether you’re relaxing in bed or whether you’re having a dip in the pool.
  2. The other excellent feature that you can enjoy with the Kindle Oasis is the page-turningbuttons. Situated on the broad right bezel of the device, these buttons allow you to read your books using one hand. You can, so to say, use the other hand to hold the cup of tea…or coffee, whichever you like.
  3. Kindle Oasis also provides an adjustable warm backlight. Cold white backlighting can be harmful, and it can make your reading experience very uncomfortable after some time. Kindle Oasis gives you the option to adjust the type of backlighting to suit your comfort level.

Although the features mentioned above make the Kindle Oasis a good device for e-reading, the one downside it has is the small size. A 7-inch display can be enough for a lot of people, but it will require somewhat more frequent page turns and/or some compromise with the reading ease.

  1. Kindle Scribe

Kindle Scribe is also an excellent device that you can use for e-reading in 2023. One of the main benefits that you can enjoy with the Kindle Scribe, as compared to the Kindle Oasis is the larger display size. The former adds 3.2” of screen size, bringing the total to 10.2”, which is a significant cut above the latter’s 7”.

Although this does negatively affect the portability, the bigger display can make the reading experience more comfortable.

Here are some of the features that you can enjoy with Kindle Scribe.

  1. You can use the included pen to write notes during your reading sessions. This is not exactly a ‘reading’ feature, so to say, but it can be helpful for people who want to try virtual variant of sticking a colorful sticking note to their soft-form books.
  2. Like the Kindle Oasis, the Scribe also comes with an adjustable warm light. You can set the exact tone of the backlight as per your need and requirement.
  3. The Kindle Scribe comes with ‘weeks’ of battery life, as advertised by the brand itself. You can charge it once and then continue reading for months, or writing for weeks.
  4. Lenovo Tab M10 Plus (3rd Gen.)

The Lenovo Tab M10 Plus is around the same price tag as the Kindle products mentioned above, and it provides a nice range of features that you can use when reading e-books.

  1. To start off, the resolution provided by the Tab M10 plus is 1080p. With this resolution, you can enjoy a crisp text display without the need to squint and peer a lot.
  2. It also has a large display size of 10.61 inches. This is somewhat similar to the one provided by the Kindle Scribe and it is a good-enough size for comfortable reading.
  3. Perhaps one of the more remarkable features that can make your e-reading experiences more comfortable is the thin-bezel design. Other than providing a large display size, the M10 Plus has a generous screen-to-body ratio, which can make the viewing experience enjoyable.


And there you have it. These were some of the Android devices that you can buy for e-reading in 2023. Arguably, the Lenovo tablet could be the obvious choice considering that it will allow you to do more than just e-reading. But then again, the Kindle devices are in a class of their own and they provide some great features that aren’t easily found in normal phones or tablets.

Roberta A. Long

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