The Best Android Phones for Every Need

Are you looking to buy a new phone but can’t figure out why all the reviews are just listing the really expensive ones? It can be annoying to find everyone talking about ultra-high-end devices (like the iPhone 14 Pro and the Galaxy S23), which can sometimes be a little out of the spending range.

Let’s take a look at some Android phones that you can buy in 2023 for pretty much every need. We will discuss different devices with varying price tags; for the bourgeois, for the middle-range spenders, and for budget buyers.

  1. OnePlus 10 Pro

Let’s start off with a high-end device first.

The OnePlus 10 Pro is just as premium as it sounds. Although it has a price tag of around $600 (which limits it to people with a higher spending budget), the specs, looks as well as supported features make it worth it.

This phone comes decked out with a 4K display resolution and 120Hz refresh rate, all fitted in a 6.7” front screen. The battery is rated at 5,000mAh and can be fast-charged using the 65W adapter.

Among all the different specs and features that this device provides, the back cameras hold a place of their own. Co-developed with Hasselblad, the OnePlus 10 Pro’s camera module comes with a triple-camera setup (48 MP + 50 MP + 8 MP).

  1. Google Pixel 7

Google Pixel phones have a way of their own when it comes to distinct body designs and excellent software features. The Google Pixel 7 is one of the latest models in the series, and it is characterized by a sleek front display, crisp user experience, and outstanding battery life.

The Google Pixel 7 comes equipped with Android 13 and is also 5G enabled. If you want to get a taste of the newer phone technologies, this device is a good choice to go for.

The price of the Pixel 7 is more or less on par with the OnePlus 10 Pro. But we’re mentioning it here at the second spot because, in our opinion, the Pixel 7 provides more value and features for the price as compared to the 10 Pro. This makes it a suitable purchase for people who want high-end functionalities in a (relatively) reasonable price.

  1. Redmi Note 11

Okay, so mentioning the Redmi Note 11 here on this list is like mentioning the Honda Civic in a list of Ferraris and Bugattis. But we did say that we would be looking at some budget-level phones as well, so there you have it.

The Redmi Note 11 is available for around half (or even less) the price of both the phones above. However, it does provide a nice set of features that are worth a lot more than the >$200 price it demands.

For one, the Redmi Note 11 has a 90Hz AMOLED display with a screen size of 6.43”. The battery included in this device is 5,000mAh and can be quickly topped up using the included 33W charger.

The Redmi Note 11 runs on a Snapdragon 680 and is available in multiple RAM/ROM variants starting from 4/128GB.

Much like the others that we’ve discussed above, the Note 11 also comes with a heavy camera module, packed with four different cameras. The main 50 MP camera is complemented by the smaller Macro, Ultra-wide, and depth cameras, all housed together in the rectangular module at the back.


The phones that we’ve mentioned in the list above are great for all types of uses. You can buy them whether you’re looking for something to help you along in your basic daily endeavors, or whether you’re looking for something to run heavy apps and software. 

Roberta A. Long

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